Norwegian Forest Cats

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Forest Cats are big, hearty, semi-longhaired cats that can still be found on the farms and in the wilderness of Norway.  Only recently recognized as a registered breed, they retain the hardiness of generations of natural selection in a harsh Nordic environment.   They make charming, sweet natured and decorative additions to any cat lovers home.   While always aiming to produce kittens that meet the standard in appearance, we pay special attention to temperament and health when planning breedings.  The girls have the run of the house and are confined to their own room only when they are in season, heavily pregnant or nursing.  As soon as the kittens are old enough, they also have the run of our house that they share with dogs and several brave birds. The males live in large runs outside, each with a companion for company.

Breeder member of the Norwegian Forest Cat Fanciers Association and the Norsk Skogkatt Society.

After many years of involvement in breeding and showing Whippets, I am currently the treasurer of the national club and newsletter editor.

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