HCM Resources

Updated 02/08/18

These links are for your reference only. Please see your veterinarian if you suspect your cat is ill.

FYI - There is currently no valid genetic test for HCM in the Norwegian Forest Cat.
Genetic test results will not be accepted.

HCM Testing Databases/Sites

  • PawPeds database search

    Veterinarian Cardiologists and Testing Specialists

  • ACVIM Board certified veterinary cardiologists
  • List of worldwide Diplomates of the ECVIM-CA
  • List of recommended cardiologists in Germany

    Learn more about Feline HCM

  • Winn Feline Foundation/Dr. Kittelson breeder recommendations in regards to HCM
  • Good picture of a normal heart vs. a heart of a cat with cardiomyopathy
  • Norwegian Forest Cat HCM Research Facebook page
  • NFC HCM DNA Research Project

  • HCM Screening Form
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