PKD Norwegian Forest Cat Testing Results

Updated 01/22/22

This page maintains a record of testing results for Norwegian Forest cats tested for PKD (polycystic kidney disease). If you have had your cats tested and would like the results shown on this page, please follow the instructions below.

 Cat's Name



 Birth Date (m/d/y)

 Results for PKD

 Age of Cat when Tested

 Age and Cause of Death

 D*Afjord's Kenzo


HU*Gallifrey's Lorne Malvo

D*Afjord's Zaara

 B: Ursula Wolframm

O: Kriszta Heger



2y 9m on 01/20/22 


 Reya De L'Eternitephemere


Warren Beatty Duszek Lasu

Pandore de la Fontaine d'Urda

 B: Laury Hallaert

O: Kriszta Heger



1y 10m on 01/05/22 


To add your cat(s) please provide the following:

  • Cat's Name
  • Cat's Parents' Names (titles not necessary)
  • Breeders' Name(s)
  • Owners' Name(s), cattery name & contact information
  • Official PKD testing results signed by a licensed veterinarian
  • Date and cause of death, if applicable

This site is purely voluntary on the part of the breeders and has no affiliation with the clinics or vets performing the tests. This site will not contain those cats who may be known to be normal as a result of their parents being tested, if the offspring themselves are not tested. This site will not contain those cats tested by DNA methods. Only ultrasound testing results are posted here.

Please send all official documentation by e-mail to:

If you would prefer to fax your official results, please contact me at the e-mail address above.

Note: it is recommended that Norwegian Forest cats intended for breeding be tested for PKD at no earlier than 10 months of age. Because the PKD test is 98% accurate after 10 months of age, these cats will not need to be retested; the results listed here should be considered final.

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